Like all the best seaside towns, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to picking Restaurants in Bridlington. We’ve selected a few of the best restaurants from those we have visited:

The best restaurants in Bridlington has to be The Funny Onion.

RESTAURANTS IN BRIDLINGTONA local company owned and run by local people, set up to provide local fresh and home-made food at affordable prices. Whilst they are not the cheapest around everything is home-made, local and fresh.

Unlike the vast majority of restaurants in Bridlington next to nothing is frozen and everything is made fresh on site, just like good food should be!

Check out the Funny Onion restaurant for a home-made local meals made from scratch using local ingredients!


Coming soon, visit The Funny Onion for more details!

About Bridlington

 is a town  within the East Riding of Yorkshire. It is 19 miles  from Beverley and 24 miles Kingston upon Hull.

The Gypsey Race river runs through the town and emerges into the North Sea in the town harbour.

Bridlington is a minor sea fishing port on the East Coast of England with a working harbour. It has a mix of small businesses with its prime trade being tourism during the summer months.

Bridlington is an excellent place for a short holiday, with two beaches and plenty of tourist attractions there’s loads to  see.